🤖 A hosting service for 'revscoring' models.
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Ladsgroup and adamwight Fix ScoreRequest json deserialization in the task (#287)
* Send ScoreRequest as JSON over the wire

Bug: T206333

* Fix request json serialization

It's not an issue right now, but when we start sending json over the
celry wire, it'll fatal as request object is a dictionary and doesn't
have format method
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Objective Revision Evaluation Service

A webserver for hosting scoring services. For more information, see the ORES documentation on MediaWiki.


ORES is based on Python 3. Use pip to install ORES:

pip install ores (or pip3 install ores if your distribution defaults to Python 2)

If you're running with the default Redis configuration, you'll need to install a few more optional libraries,

pip install ores[redis]

Then you can easily run a test server by:

ores applications.wsgi

Use the -h argument to view its usage.

ores applications.wsgi -h

Visit these pages to see if your installation works,

http://localhost:8080/ http://localhost:8080/v2/scores/testwiki/revid/641962088?features=true

Running a development server

We recommend that you set up a python "virtual environment". We put together this guide to help you get everything set up.

Install requirements AND the test-requirements in order to run the default test server and experiment with different scoring strategies.

  • $ pip install -r requirements.txt
  • $ pip install -r test-requirements.txt

Run a test server as ORES using the ./utility, so local changes are reflected: Use -h to view its usage

  • $ ./utility applications.wsgi

Check if everything is running on http://localhost:8080.