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Commits on May 21, 2015
  1. @arlolra

    Strip UTF8 BOM so that JSON.parse() doesn't throw

    arlolra authored
     * request does this if the `json` option is set but we handle our own
       JSON parsing.
    Change-Id: I8037248bcabee5dd8f905b8a1a1f59e9ab07ff25
  2. @arlolra

    Blank parameters should be preserved

    arlolra authored
     * The comment seems to think otherwise but that can't be true.
     * Maybe that was the case in 2012 when it was added in
       2195c31 but it certainly isn't
    Change-Id: Iba52b5a942e3c2d0b5573cf1620f2a035b3fa5a4
Commits on May 19, 2015
  1. @arlolra

    Finishing touches on the offsets patchset

    arlolra authored
     * The confusing conditional is cleaned up. Flagged in,
       Also, only clear the remembered last template elt on the last bit.
       This is necessary to prevent retriggering the newUid check on
       subsequent bits of that node.
     * The rename suggested in
     * A test for extension content nested in translucions from
     * A test for expanded attributes from
    Change-Id: I4f38781ce2660f7d326a75ec7fb80ac7b375caa6
  2. @arlolra

    More fixes after the offset patch

    arlolra authored
     * We don't have nested transclusions, but you can get extension content
       nested in transclusion. This threw off the last fix in
       273bebe where it was assumed that a
       first encapsulation wrapper wouldn't be found in an about sibling of
       another, violating the assertion that dp would always be present (we
       strip dp from about siblings).
     * Ex. echo "{{Demografia/Apricale}}" | node parse --prefix itwiki
    Change-Id: I9e87c2e6915c55861bce68be2ccd6ec978e117b0
  3. @arlolra

    Fix more crashers from the html offsets patch

    arlolra authored
     * mw:ExpandedAttrs type isn't included in isFirstEncapsulationWrapperNode
     * Since these often show up on the first element, it fails to set the
       uid and the assertion fails.
     * Ex. iswiki/Melilla
    Change-Id: I7d10dac0c1a9aa2c9abca15b6220612fe577eacb
Commits on May 18, 2015
  1. @arlolra

    Fix crashers when dp isn't present for an id

    arlolra authored
     * In a48ca3e, we assumed that dp would
       always be available for a child of body with an id. However, template
       siblings can still have manually added ids (present in the wikitext),
       even though only the first about sibling has a dp. The algorithm only
       accounted for the absence of ids and was thrown off by their
     * Now we explicitly test that the id doesn't come from an about sibling
       so that all templated content is in one section.
    Change-Id: I3aacedb7ba4e288d560c3bb52aff02ffdb9e184d
Commits on May 14, 2015
  1. @arlolra @subbuss

    Provide section-offsets for immediate children of <body>

    arlolra authored subbuss committed
     * Changes xmlserializer.serializeToString and DU.serializeNode to return
       an object with the str and, if options.captureOffsets, the html offsets
       of top-level nodes.
     * Added mocha tests to capture expectations about offsets computation.
    Bug: T96279
    Change-Id: Id74988d3ef39078fbfea72359884b75290da041b
  2. @arlolra

    Restore speedy non-selser serialization

    arlolra authored
     * Fixes the large perf regression Flow was/is seeing.
     * In I104982e061abf20c63a6342caa5600a090c9ced7, we made sure that
       non-selser didn't need the original source.
     * Now, if an oldid isn't supplied, we don't fetch the source and fall
       back to non-selser. This used to be case before the refactor in
       I27176bd4b62562a7aead3d40679d31ad0b8f3ab8 (see the review there where
       this was all discussed).
    Bug: T98408
    Change-Id: I44834aed117de810eaa8dba596cf8337ee423f9d
  3. @arlolra

    html2wt should not need access to original source

    arlolra authored
    Bug: T96923
    Change-Id: I104982e061abf20c63a6342caa5600a090c9ced7
Commits on May 12, 2015
  1. @arlolra

    Store apiConf as an object in the mwApiMap

    arlolra authored
     * Paves the way for storing api specific settings, like only turning
       off strictSSL locally.
     * Consolidates the proxy info, removing the apiProxies map.
    Change-Id: I05e2e1bf63ba1249b53be9666d3d8a2fcc435a39
  2. @arlolra

    Rename ParsoidConfig interwikiMap to mwApiMap

    arlolra authored
     * And related properties, respectively.
     * To avoid confusion with uses of wikiConfig interwikiMap.
    Change-Id: I2df2135923db95d86bef6e81866314f9863da116
Commits on May 7, 2015
  1. @arlolra

    ParsoidConfig's interwikiMap returns an api string

    arlolra authored
     * Probably a confusion with interwikiMap in wikiConf, which suggest
       this name clash is confusing.
    Change-Id: I79355c3020d3c3b7f63f8ceb87451cb106822158
Commits on May 5, 2015
  1. @arlolra

    Add jshint as a dev dep

    arlolra authored
     * And an npm script to clean up my git pre-commit hook.
    Change-Id: I8b8fe748ae155462eb628a32ee5d19047c5f1932
Commits on May 1, 2015
  1. @arlolra

    Host header is unreliable to base resources

    arlolra authored
     * 14ee674 didn't get the job done in
       production. Varnish passes "parsoid" as the host.
     * Use window.location.origin and do this client side.
    Change-Id: I99b50c16c4d5a418faa2e298f1cd6f40d7ed5893
Commits on Apr 30, 2015
  1. @arlolra @cscott

    Avoid deep freezing some parsoidConfig properties

    arlolra authored cscott committed
     * For one, the performanceTimer asynchronously resolves the host
       address and caches it during construction.
    Change-Id: Iab80a530f60b798f3627ff87dc3172f6017865bc
Commits on Apr 29, 2015
  1. @arlolra

    [jscs] Enforce validateIndentation

    arlolra authored
     * In practice, we've been using tabs. Enforce that for now until
       we're ready for larger changes.
     * Also, bump jscs to v1.13.0 for T90816
    Change-Id: I5d5ae668718f2655db810e8625d737b26d6fbf70
Commits on Apr 28, 2015
  1. @arlolra

    Change whitespace in package.json

    arlolra authored
     * Hear me out; this is for a good reason. npm i --save doesn't respect
       the format you're using and dirties the commit. (Apparently yapm has
       fixed this but they haven't managed to upstream it).
     * You can see Ori reverting some of GWicke's changes in patchset 6 for
       this reason.
     * It doesn't look like Isaac is too keen on fixing it either.
       npm/npm#3062 (comment)
    Change-Id: I483eebc6fec59b787b5d80f35dad78ef4d6e1435
  2. @arlolra

    Send travis notifications to the parsing-team

    arlolra authored
    Change-Id: Ica03778085749a42313caeef07133e120120ede5
  3. @arlolra

    Refactor parsoidConfig uses to remove unfrozen flag

    arlolra authored
    Change-Id: I6d8c831615ad6261b9059a4b1f16b7d919a947f0
  4. @arlolra

    Remove uri fallback from env.switchToConfig

    arlolra authored
     * Seems specific to parserTests.js, where it's now patched, and a
       potential source of confusion.
     * Update the sitematrix.json to ensure be-taraskwiki isn't present.
    Change-Id: Ifcfb0db1bf958afa80794d8603322e2d7cc1debe
Commits on Apr 27, 2015
  1. @arlolra

    Don't retry if we're err'ing out

    arlolra authored
     * Maybe throwing here would be better.
    Change-Id: Ifa4d2341c5b032dbf019b623f0f6b73c91469cf8
  2. @arlolra

    Remove instances of env.conf.parsoid.apiURI

    arlolra authored
     * All these uses look like mistakes that should have been set on the
       wiki config, which has a apiURI field.
     * Also, freeze parsoid config to prevent further issues where it gets
       used across requests.
     * The FIXME removal from parserTests should have been cleared with
    Change-Id: Ie1e357883c33202ba7f6df260de9149c17987e0c
Commits on Apr 25, 2015
  1. @arlolra

    Don't use the stored uri from parsoid config

    arlolra authored
     * The parsoid config is used across requests and storing anything there
       is setting yourself up for race conditions.
     * This was causing major corruption on wiki.
     * The refactor in 915ea3f went from
       using a bound copy of the uri to that stored on the parsoid config,
       causing some concurrent requests to use the wrong API.
    Change-Id: Ia2244b9737fee1563ca3a33ba3b8683862b39d24
Commits on Apr 24, 2015
  1. @arlolra

    Readability cleanup

    arlolra authored
     * Suggested while debugging.
    Change-Id: I2794fe6941ff8be899c732d11d6ee9724270ef36
Commits on Apr 23, 2015
  1. @arlolra

    Restrict _rtSelser flag to rtTestMode

    arlolra authored
    Change-Id: I2c54ffb618480b31a535c016b952a70d17006f1f
  2. @arlolra

    Don't clobber the parsoid config when using selser

    arlolra authored
     * But still ensure rtTesting is false for selser.
    Change-Id: If219262a2afaad630c0c272a262dd96d05373868
  3. @arlolra

    Change the signature on setInterwiki

    arlolra authored
     * A little more compact and makes room for more configurations.
     * Left over from
    Change-Id: Ifa23236c0d51e0e55c1eb6564165ff88e8d2b0d7
  4. @arlolra

    More markdown fixes

    arlolra authored
    Change-Id: I04d2335b9d6d940068619ffd9eae8448e4cecb95
  5. @arlolra

    Distinguish selser in rt-test plaintext summary

    arlolra authored
     * This is mainly used for the command line output.
    Change-Id: Id56ad9475aa4d73660c10c7e829ff89bbd95cf62
  6. @arlolra

    Fix readme headings

    arlolra authored
     * These are markdown.
    Change-Id: I47b7a3f4b943eda68b11e74c1cdf6466682c8135
Commits on Apr 22, 2015
  1. @arlolra

    Make env.switchToConfig promise returning

    arlolra authored
    Change-Id: Ic4e30a5597324987486e871245e468476d677beb
  2. @arlolra

    Fix rtselser in roundtrip-test.js

    arlolra authored
     * Remove fetchWT from parsoidConfig; it just isn't being used.
     * Add a private flag to the API to use the selective serializer.
    Change-Id: Ic89a269d3617d10d2a060d52d4ce0171f11e260b
  3. @arlolra

    [jscs] Enforce disallowMultipleVarDecl

    arlolra authored
     * Continues on 3311936 and
     * With some whitespace cleanup.
    Change-Id: I32109c6fd35439914df4df06432376d6a968268b
Commits on Apr 21, 2015
  1. @arlolra

    Abstract out serializeDOM helper

    arlolra authored
     * As discussed in,
    Change-Id: I27176bd4b62562a7aead3d40679d31ad0b8f3ab8
Commits on Apr 20, 2015
  1. @arlolra

    [jscs] Apply disallowMultipleVarDecl in api/

    arlolra authored
     * Continues on 05a8947
    Change-Id: I0a9de3cdd1cd5ae929dd92e2bf8ce62804a58b3d
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