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Swift repository plugin for Elasticsearch

NOTE: This repository is no longer maintained. Please see for new updates.

In order to install the plugin, simply run: bin/plugin install org.wikimedia.elasticsearch.swift/swift-repository-plugin/<version>.

Swift Plugin elasticsearch Release date
0.4 1.1.0 2014-05-28
0.6 1.3.2 2014-08-20
0.7 1.4.0 2014-11-07
1.6.0 1.6.0 2015-06-09
1.7.0 1.7.0 2015-07-20
2.1.1 2.1.1 2016-05-12 2.3.3 2016-06-27
2.3.4 2.3.4 2016-08-03
2.3.5 2.3.5 2016-09-09
2.4.0 2.4.0 2016-09-09
2.4.1 2.4.1 2016-10-10

Only the versions in the table above should be used. The in-between releases were buggy and are not recommended.

Create Repository

    $ curl -XPUT 'http://localhost:9200/_snapshot/my_backup' -d '{
        "type": "swift",
        "settings": {
            "swift_url": "http://localhost:8080/auth/v1.0/",
            "swift_container": "my-container",
            "swift_username": "myuser",
            "swift_password": "mypass!"

See Snapshot And Restore for more information


Setting Description
swift_container Swift container name. Mandatory
swift_url Swift auth url. Mandatory
swift_authmethod Swift auth method, one of "KEYSTONE" "TEMPAUTH" or "" for basic auth
swift_password Swift password
swift_tenantname Swift tenant name, only used with keystone auth
swift_username Swift username
swift_preferred_region Region to use. If you do not specify a region, Swift will pick the endpoint of the first region. If you have multiple regions, the order is not guarenteed.
chunk_size Maximum size for individual objects in the snapshot. Defaults to 5gb as that's the Swift default
compress Turns on compression of the snapshot files. Defaults to false as it tends to break with Swift
max_restore_bytes_per_sec Throttles per node restore rate. Defaults to 20mb per second.
max_snapshot_bytes_per_sec Throttles per node snapshot rate. Defaults to 20mb per second.

To debug in Eclipse

Since Swift has logging dependencies you have to be careful about debugging in Eclipse.

  1. Import this project into Eclipse using the maven connector. Do no import the main Elasticsearch code.
  2. Create a new java application debug configuration and set it to run ElasticsearchF.
  3. Go to the Classpath tab
  4. Click on Maven Dependiences
  5. Click on Advanced
  6. Click Add Folder
  7. Click ok
  8. Expand the tree to find /src/test/resources
  9. Click ok
  10. Click debug