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Github mirror of translatewiki - our actual code is hosted with Gerrit (please see for contributing)
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bin Add blacklisted "gom" code to SKIPLANGS too
irc-relay Cleanups for previous changes
melange Merge "Fetch tags as well"
puppet Merge "Made nginx module thinner"
webfiles Big path update
.gitignore stylize.php and some cleanup.
.gitmodules Replace unflexible ssh module with just storing the config in puppet
.gitreview Add .gitignore and .gitreview
FallbackSettings.php Fix name of Eastern Cham, Add Western Cham (Latin script)
LanguageSettings.php Fix autonym of Southern Luri
PermissionSettings.php Remove last reference to translate-proofr
REPOCONF WikiEduDashboard
REPOCONF.siebrand Add EntryScape as external project
SpecialRally.php Update start time for rally
TranslateSettings.php Add Jin Chinese
TranslatewikiSettings.php Override main page canonical url
composer.json Add new deps for syntaxhighlight
doxygen.conf Big path update
nikext.php No more puga
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