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Wiki Labels

This package provides the components of a generalized labeling service for MediaWiki. There are two primary components, a user script to be used on MediaWiki and a flask server for the gadget to converse with.


The flask server is intended to be hosted by a web server, but if you wish you can run a dev server (see Dev server section for details)



Installation will require some additional packages to be available.

sudo apt-get install postgresql-server-dev-all postgresql libffi-dev npm g++ python3-dev libmemcached-dev memcached

Database setup

You'll need to create a wikilabels user and database. Here's a sequence of commands that works on a fresh install of postgres (note that sudo rights will be required).

Create a wikilabels user

$ sudo useradd wikilabels

Switch to postgres user to run commands

$ sudo su postgres
$ psql
postgres=# CREATE USER wikilabels WITH PASSWORD 'something secure';
postgres=# CREATE DATABASE wikilabels;
postgres=# GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON DATABASE wikilabels to wikilabels;
postgres=# \q
$ exit

Load the database schema. If you'd like to experiment with Wikilabels, consider using the --reload-test-data argument to add some test campaigns to the Wikilabels database.

$ ./utility load_schema --reload-test-data

Starting the dev server

Run the following command in the base repository (e.g. wikilabels-master).

$ wikilabels dev_server


Creating a new view

The following example shows the steps that are needed to create a new view, e.g. MultiDiffToPrevious

  • Create a campaign using $ wikilabels new_campaign {campaignName} {labelForm} {youNewViewName} {labelsPerTask} {tasksPerWorkSet}
  • Find the campaign_id that is given to your new campaign and remember it for later.
  • Make some test data in json-lines format. Each json line is the data that will be available to your view and will probably contain the ids of with which to hit an API.
  • Insert your test data with wikilabels task_inserts {campaign_id} < example_sessions_data_enwiki.json
  • Now modify wikilabels/wikilabels/wsgi/static/js/wikiLabels/views.js to create your new view.
    • You need to implement the following functions at least: .load and .present.
    • Add your new view to the WL.views object at the end with key the same name as {yourNewViewName}.
    • Tip: because the javascript gets "packed" as useful way to debug your new view is through the debugger javascript keyword.

Discussion on what content to display in a view.

We want to derive as "unbiased" as possible a label from each task. Sometimes this means providing less infromation to the labeller rather than more. For instance, in showing a "diff" to the labeller, while it might be tempting to display the editor's username, this may invoke a bias. A username can a persona: anonymity or gender or age, then a labeller might use this persona as a heuristic to judge the difference. In order to observe the "diff" and not labeller's opinion of the username, it might be good to blind the labeller from the editor's username. Likewise the timestamp of the diff could also be used a heuristic to judge the editor not the edit. Still perhaps in some cases it might be legitmate to provide extra context to assist the labeller if it does not bias them.

Reporting Bugs

To report a bug, please use Phabricator

See also