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Wikimedia Foundation website

This repository hosts the files for the Wikimedia Foundation website ( More information about the website is available on Meta-Wiki:


The production repository is privately hosted on GitHub and maintained by Automattic Inc. and the Wikimedia Foundation Communications department.

A public repository is mirrored and made available:

Updating mirror

The process for updating the mirror is documented by GitHub:

Command to run from private repository: git push --mirror


The theme uses node & npm for dependency management and asset build pipeline. The engines field in themes/shiro/package.json defines the correct versions of node and npm, and will cause npm install to fail if those versions are not in use.

If you're using nvm, running nvm use from the theme directory will automatically set (and install if necessary) the correct version of node, which will usually include the correct version of npm.

Updating Localization

There are several composer scripts here that make use of wp i18n to help manage localization files. Run composer run -l to see a list of available scripts.

Once you know which script you'd like to run, the pattern is composer [script name] e.g. composer make-shiro-frontend-pot.

⚠️ You must have WP-CLI installed for these scripts to work.

There are two namespaces to help simplify translation:

  • shiro - These are "frontend" strings--ones that are likely to be seen by visitors to the site.
  • shiro-admin - These are "backend" strings--ones that will only be seen by editors and administrators.

Visual Testing

This projects includes some scripts and basic configuration to use BackstopJS to test for visual changes.

  • npm run reference -- Generates reference files based on the current state. If you haven't run any of these scripts yet, you'll need to run this first.
  • npm run test -- Execute a test based on the scenarios in backstop.config.js. You'll need to have reference files first (i.e. by running npm run reference).
  • npm run approve -- Approves "failures" in the previous test, replacing previous reference files.
  • npm run report -- Opens the latest Backstop report in your browser.

For more information on how to use or modify Backstop, read the documentation:


Public mirror for the code base of the site.


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