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Wikipedia iOS

The official Wikipedia iOS client.

MIT license

Development Team

The app is primarily being developed by the Wikimedia Foundation's Mobile Apps team. This README provides high-level guidelines for getting started with the project. If you have any questions, comments, or issues, the easiest way to talk to us is joining the #wikimedia-mobile channel on the Freenode IRC server during Eastern and Pacific business hours. We'll also gladly accept any tickets filed against the project in Phabricator.

Building and Running

Minimum Requirements

  • Xcode - The easiest way to get Xcode is from the App Store, but you can also download it from developer.apple.com if you have an AppleID registered with an Apple Developer account.

Run scripts/setup before building & running in Xcode to install all of the required dependencies. This may take a while as it will also compile any code dependencies.

scripts/setup will install:

At this point, you should be able to open Wikipedia.xcodeproject and run the app on the iOS Simulator (using the Wikipedia scheme and target). If you encounter any issues, please don't hesitate to let us know via a bug report or messaging us on IRC in #wikimedia-ios on Freenode.



These are general guidelines rather than hard rules.




We use Xcode's default 4 space indentation and our .clang-format file with the pre-commit hook setup by scripts/setup. Currently, this does not enforce Swift formatting.

Third-party Dependencies

We use Carthage to manage third-party native dependencies and npm for web.


The Wikipedia scheme is configured to execute the project's iOS unit tests, which can be run using the Cmd+U hotkey or the Product->Test menu bar action.

Event logging

Note: Testing event logging requires labs access to deployment-eventlog05.eqiad.wmflabs

To test event logging:

  • ensure event logging is enabled via Gear icon > Send usage reports

  • select Event Logging Dev Debug scheme in Xcode

  • get the app install id:

    • run app in the simulator
    • pause
    • paste po [WMFEventLoggingService sharedInstance].appInstallID in the Xcode console and copy the resulting string
  • ssh to labs: ssh deployment-eventlog05.eqiad.wmflabs

  • tail the following files (tail keeps stream open and prints last few lines of a file any time it changes) with the app install id and the id of the schema being tested (from MPopov):

    • /srv/log/eventlogging/all-events.log
      • only has events which have been validated against the appropriate schemas
    • /srv/log/eventlogging/client-side-events.log
      • has all incoming events (as raw, encoded URI query strings) regardless of their validity
    • /var/log/eventlogging/eventlogging-processor@client-side-00.log
    • /var/log/eventlogging/eventlogging-processor@client-side-01.log
      • if there are any issues with the incoming events or their validation, there will be detailed messages in the two eventlogging-processor@-client-side-XX logs


    • tail -f /srv/log/eventlogging/all-events.log | grep "<app install id>" | grep "<schema id>"


Covered in the contributing document.


We also maintain a mirror of this repository on Gerrit (see above), syncing the code after every release. If you'd rather use Gerrit to send us a patch, you'll need to:

Other Development Dependencies

Certain development and maintenance tasks will require the installation of specific tools. Many of these tools are installable using Homebrew, which is our recommended package manager.

Homebrew and many other tools require the Xcode command line tools, which can be installed by running xcode-select --install on newer versions of OS X. They can also be installed via Xcode or downloaded from the Apple Developer downloads page on older versions of OS X.


brew install carthage

We use Carthage as our dependency manager. It is required to build the project. After installing carthage, (or running scripts/setup) you should be able to build & run in Xcode. scripts/carthage_bootstrap is run as a build step by Xcode. Your first build will take a while as the dependencies are built. Subsequent builds will re-use the prebuilt dependencies.

Carthage Troubleshooting

In Xcode, select the Clean and build dependencies target and run it. Make sure this succeeds before running the Wikipedia target again. This will run the setup script, remove any cached dependencies, and run carthage bootstrap again.

Manually imported dependencies

HockeySDK is manually imported from their binary release. New binary releases of HockeySDK can be downloaded from https://www.hockeyapp.net/releases/ and copied over the existing version in the Wikipedia/Frameworks folder. We use the release in the HockeySDKCrashOnly folder.


brew install clang-format

As mentioned in best practices and coding style, we use clang-format to lint the project's Objective-C code. Installation via Homebrew is straightforward: brew install clang-format. We use a pre-commit hook to format code. The pre commit hook is scripts/clang_format_diff and is installed by scripts/setup.


brew install npm

npm is a package manager for nodejs. With it, we install various node modules as Javascript dependencies and development tools (see www/package.json for an up-to-date list). Similar to our native dependencies, we have committed certain files to the repository to remove node and npm as build dependencies in an effort to streamline typical application development. Please see Wikipedia iOS Web Development for more information about how to work with the web components in this project.


fastlane automates common development tasks - for example bumping version numbers, running tests on multiple configurations, or submitting to the App Store. You can list the available lanes (our project-specific scripts) using bundle exec fastlane lanes. You can list available actions (all actions available to be scripted via lanes) using bundle exec fastlane actions. The fastlane configuration and scripts are in the fastlane folder.

Production Builds

For production builds, should ensure you have the DELIVER_USER (your Apple ID) and HOCKEY_PRODUCTION (Wikimedia's HockeyApp API token) environment variables set.

Continuous Integration

Tests are run on Jenkins in response to pull requests. Volunteer contributor pull requests require an ok to test comment on the pull request from a project admin before tests are run.