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Open Courses

Google Docs to Wikicode Converter

Converts an html file produced by google docs to wikicode (add more?)

Usage instructions

  1. Obtain .html formatted Google Doc with File/Download as../HTML
  2. Run
  3. You will be prompted for the .html input file and the .txt output file to be created (Since we're betatesting, the input and output files are already set to save time. Scroll down to the bottom of "" to change the file I/O to your convenience)


To do

  • Create a web app that takes the url of the google doc and outputs the wikicode format
  • Parse html prior to conversion to delete empty tag-content. e.g. <span class="c3"> </span> or <h4></h4>. It is completely useless and fucks up the formatting.

About Open Courses

We need boilerplate text. Someone?