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/* 7zBuf.h -- Byte Buffer
2008-10-04 : Igor Pavlov : Public domain */
#ifndef __7Z_BUF_H
#define __7Z_BUF_H
#include "Types.h"
typedef struct
Byte *data;
size_t size;
} CBuf;
void Buf_Init(CBuf *p);
int Buf_Create(CBuf *p, size_t size, ISzAlloc *alloc);
void Buf_Free(CBuf *p, ISzAlloc *alloc);
typedef struct
Byte *data;
size_t size;
size_t pos;
} CDynBuf;
void DynBuf_Construct(CDynBuf *p);
void DynBuf_SeekToBeg(CDynBuf *p);
int DynBuf_Write(CDynBuf *p, const Byte *buf, size_t size, ISzAlloc *alloc);
void DynBuf_Free(CDynBuf *p, ISzAlloc *alloc);
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