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/* LzFindMt.h -- multithreaded Match finder for LZ algorithms
2008-10-04 : Igor Pavlov : Public domain */
#ifndef __LZFINDMT_H
#define __LZFINDMT_H
#include "Threads.h"
#include "LzFind.h"
#define kMtHashBlockSize (1 << 13)
#define kMtHashNumBlocks (1 << 3)
#define kMtHashNumBlocksMask (kMtHashNumBlocks - 1)
#define kMtBtBlockSize (1 << 14)
#define kMtBtNumBlocks (1 << 6)
#define kMtBtNumBlocksMask (kMtBtNumBlocks - 1)
typedef struct _CMtSync
Bool wasCreated;
Bool needStart;
Bool exit;
Bool stopWriting;
CThread thread;
CAutoResetEvent canStart;
CAutoResetEvent wasStarted;
CAutoResetEvent wasStopped;
CSemaphore freeSemaphore;
CSemaphore filledSemaphore;
Bool csWasInitialized;
Bool csWasEntered;
CCriticalSection cs;
UInt32 numProcessedBlocks;
} CMtSync;
typedef UInt32 * (*Mf_Mix_Matches)(void *p, UInt32 matchMinPos, UInt32 *distances);
/* kMtCacheLineDummy must be >= size_of_CPU_cache_line */
#define kMtCacheLineDummy 128
typedef void (*Mf_GetHeads)(const Byte *buffer, UInt32 pos,
UInt32 *hash, UInt32 hashMask, UInt32 *heads, UInt32 numHeads, const UInt32 *crc);
typedef struct _CMatchFinderMt
/* LZ */
const Byte *pointerToCurPos;
UInt32 *btBuf;
UInt32 btBufPos;
UInt32 btBufPosLimit;
UInt32 lzPos;
UInt32 btNumAvailBytes;
UInt32 *hash;
UInt32 fixedHashSize;
UInt32 historySize;
const UInt32 *crc;
Mf_Mix_Matches MixMatchesFunc;
/* LZ + BT */
CMtSync btSync;
Byte btDummy[kMtCacheLineDummy];
/* BT */
UInt32 *hashBuf;
UInt32 hashBufPos;
UInt32 hashBufPosLimit;
UInt32 hashNumAvail;
CLzRef *son;
UInt32 matchMaxLen;
UInt32 numHashBytes;
UInt32 pos;
Byte *buffer;
UInt32 cyclicBufferPos;
UInt32 cyclicBufferSize; /* it must be historySize + 1 */
UInt32 cutValue;
/* BT + Hash */
CMtSync hashSync;
/* Byte hashDummy[kMtCacheLineDummy]; */
/* Hash */
Mf_GetHeads GetHeadsFunc;
CMatchFinder *MatchFinder;
} CMatchFinderMt;
void MatchFinderMt_Construct(CMatchFinderMt *p);
void MatchFinderMt_Destruct(CMatchFinderMt *p, ISzAlloc *alloc);
SRes MatchFinderMt_Create(CMatchFinderMt *p, UInt32 historySize, UInt32 keepAddBufferBefore,
UInt32 matchMaxLen, UInt32 keepAddBufferAfter, ISzAlloc *alloc);
void MatchFinderMt_CreateVTable(CMatchFinderMt *p, IMatchFinder *vTable);
void MatchFinderMt_ReleaseStream(CMatchFinderMt *p);
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