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Contents of samo-lib directory
The low level device drivers for C33 peripherals
and external devices such as the CTP
The tiny FAT file system code from used to
access the FAT32 files on th micro SD Card. This version does not
use long file names, only the standard 8.3 is supported.
This creates flash.elf which is a program to run on the WikiReader
device to copy the contents of a 64kB file called flash.rom to the
internal SPI FLASH ROM chip.
An almost complete ANSI Forth implementation along with some scripts
in the programs sub-directory used for device testing. The
forth.elf program can be booted by the mbr program and run forth
programs (*.4th) directly from the micro SD card.
There is a simple menu program that displays certain files (*.4mu)
that can be run via CTP/LCD without requiring access to the serial
Some header files containing C33 CPU register definitions and
in-line functions for hardware initialisation.
There is an important configuration file here: config.h create this
from config.h-default and uncomment the "#define BOARD_SAMO_V1 1" to
enable compilation for production hardware.
Decompression library used by the wiki-app program.
Startup code for the wiki-app program, this produces the statically
linked WikiReader application that is installed on the SD card as
kernel.elf This only contains some interface code between the
drivers and the higher level application (in the wiki-app directory
one level up).
This is the code that goes into the on-board FLASH ROM chip. It
consists of a boot block (mbr) of 512 bytes that is loaded by the
CPU into internal RAM during the power-on reset sequence.
There are also a set of applications that are loaded into the FLASH
mostly for production testing or hardware diagnostics via the
console port.
After mbr has been loaded it loads the menu application which, if no
character is received on the console will load the kernel.elf after a
short delay. Once control is transfered to the application the
FLASH is not used until the next power cycle. Holding search key
down during boot will load the forth.elf program, which allows some
test programs to run.
The console (19200 8N1) can be used to run some tests of SDRAM and
The image file flash.rom is here.
These are a minimum set of stdio/stdlib routines used by the wiki-app
Some additional files that are copied to the micro SD card
Files include by various Makefiles for standard rules and definitions
Some scripts used during early testing
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