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BUGS and Problems
1. Missing Fonts
A few fonts are missing in Cyrillic so Russian Wikipedia shows a few
missing characters (the "box" character)
Korean and Arabic sets are absent from all fonts
2. Restricted search index character set
The index is restricted to the set [A-Z0-9] and some punctuation
characters in order to speed up the searching process and reduce the
size of the index files. This leads to problems with non-Latin
These are described below:
a. All accents are stripped i.e. everything that looks like 'A'
(e.g. "aāáăàȧĀÁĂÀȦ" etc.) is converted an 'A'.
This uses Python function: unicodedata.normalize('NFD', text)
b. Japanese is handled as a special case using a two stage
translation. stage one uses a dictionary (Currently MeCab)
translate to Katakana. stage two is to translate Katakana and
Hiragana to Romaji. This is only Activated if language is set to
c. Chinese is translated character by character to Pinyin. Accent
stripping causes both 西安 and 先 to convert to "xian" so index
sort order is not as would be expected.
d. Korean, Cyrillic, Greek, Coptic... are looked up in the Unicode
tables provided by Python (in Python 2.6 these
tables are missing some characters)
therefore 'SEO' will be used to represent the '서' character.
Notes: for Cyrillic some extra 'H' and 'E' are dropped from the
name to make typing easier.
Katakana and Hiragana will get processed by this method
except when using the Japanese Dictionary - the result
will not be the same as Romaji.
e. Ligatures like: "æœij" are replaced by "ae", "oe" and "ij"
f. Some special letters are also converted.
e.g. "ÐðÞþ" (eth and thorn are represented by "eth" and "th")
(Used in Icelandic)
g. Anything left over is unchanged and eventually end up being
When the index is prepared from the string as translated by the
rules above any character that is not in the limited [A-Z0-9] plus
punctuation is just dropped. The sort order is then based on these
modified strings. The original string is kept for display so the
order of the search results can appear out of order.
3. Keyboard
There is only a basic QWERTY keyboard plus a second numbers +
punctuation (the index process matches this character subset).
This make creating other language difficult in this version.
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