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Contents of root directory
binutils* [Created during build]
Stamp files for make
GPLV3 License information this covers most of the code in the
wiki-app directory. Other files/directories may have their own
license information.
Various documents including explanation of how to set up a chroot
for compiling the application
gcc* [Created during build]
Stamp files for make
Programs that are used during building the software including cross
compiler, simulator and utilities to create the data files.
See: host-tools/00ReadMe.text
Some of the licenses used in various parts of the system, normally
the individual files/sub-directories will have their own
copyright/license information.
The master make file that controls all stages of the building process.
Programs and libraries that run on the WikiReader Hardware
See: samo-lib/00ReadMe.text
Some scripts to handle building on multiple machines and/ore multiple
cores. The "Run" script is the actual build script and the "progress"
script is used to control and monitor the remote servers.
Python programs and scripts for production testing
Some notes about things to think about
This is the main application code and is compiled both for inclusion
on the device and for the simulator.
Some XML files for testing the offline rendering process
Language specific source files. Includes wiki.nls source
and the XML sources for terms and license that are built
into the individual wiki data files.
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