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#include <mysql/mysql.h>
#define MAX_TITLE_LEN 512
#define MAX_SQL_STR 2048
#define MAX_TEXT_BUF 5*1024*1024
#define MAX_RENDERED 10*1024*1024
#define MAX_DAT_FILES 64
#define MAX_ARTICLES_PER_DAT 250000
#define RESULT_SET_LIMIT 200
typedef struct _ARTICLE_PTR {
long offset_dat; /* offset to pedia?.dat for the article content */
long offset_fnd; /* offset to pedia.fnd for the title (for search) */
long file_id_compressed_len; /* byte 0: bit0~1 - compress method (00 - lzo, 01 - bzlib, 10 - 7z), bit 2~7 pedia file id */
/* byte 1~3: compressed article length */
typedef struct _TITLE_SEARCH { /* used to mask the porinter to the remainder of the title for search */
long idxArticle;
char cZero; /* null character for backward search */
char sTitleSearch[MAX_TITLE_SEARCH]; /* null terminated title for search */
char sTitleActual[MAX_TITLE_SEARCH]; /* null terminated actual title. */
/* in the fnd file, it will be concatnated immediately after the null terminator of sTitleSearch */
void render_article_node(int idxNode);
void process_pass_1(MYSQL *conn, char *sFileName, int msgLevel, long titlesToProcess,
off64_t file_offset_for_pass_1, long max_article_idx);
void process_pass_2(MYSQL *conn, MYSQL *conn2, char *sFileName, int msgLevel, long titlesToProcess, int batch,
long idxStart, long idxEnd);
void process_pass_3(MYSQL *conn, MYSQL *conn2, int bSplitted);
void memrcpy(void *dest, void *src, int len); // memory copy starting from the last byte
void replace_ampersand_char(char *);
void pad_backslash(char *s, int size);
void generate_pedia_hsh(void);
void reorg_pedia(void);
extern void showMsg(int currentLevel, char *format, ...);
extern int msgLevel(void);
#endif /* _WIKI_RENDERED_H */
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