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The Linux GPIB Package
(c) 1994-1996 by C.Schroeter
(c) 2001-2006 by Frank Mori Hess
This is Linux-GPIB the IEEE-488 card support
package and measurement suite for LINUX.
This version of Linux-GPIB requires a version 2.6.x
of the Linux kernel. 2.6.x kernels older than 2.6.8
are not supported. 2.4.x kernels are supported by
Linux-GPIB versions 3.1.x.
See the INSTALL file for instructions on building and
installing this software package.
Send comments, questions and suggestions to
to the linux-gpib mailing list
*************** COPYRIGHT NOTICE ***********************
If you want to distribute software which makes use of
this package, please read the COPYING file carefully.