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cleanup and improve organization of code - lots of work to do here
generally make this software suck less
fix crash on pcmcia card removal when program has board open
have library parse dmesg automatically on error
report error when user tries to read/write to interface board which is
bus master
a kcontrol module for configuring boards might be nice
possible problems when autopoll happens without remote enable
timeouts on write should handle data that was able to report
number of bytes sent before timeout occurred.
stuck SRQ handling
add query to ibask() for support of IFC events
fix support parallel poll timeout support (should be hardware-based)
better error message when gpib_config has not been run
specifying config file with gpib_config --file can cause problems,
since library doesn't know anything about it unless IB_CONFIG
is set in the environment as well. Should warn about this somewhere.
add links to web page (maybe comedi and vimms)
split off parts of library that need libpthread, so we can
provide a pthread free version (that would lack ibwrta(), etc.).
lock on board online/offline
libgpib_test: add test for serial poll without autopolling
remove devices that time out from autopoll list
better error on unknown board_type
being addressed as listener should abort writes, being addressed
as talker should abort reads
maybe use 1-1 relationship between file descriptors and
gpib device/board descriptors instead of maintaining our own
lists of gpib device descriptors.