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#!/usr/bin/env python
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# COPYRIGHT: Openmoko Inc. 2009
# LICENSE: GPL Version 2 or later
# DESCRIPTION: Run all Python test scripts in a directory tree
# AUTHOR: Christopher Hall <>
import sys
import os
import os.path
import getopt
import inspect
import textwrap
DIRECTORY_IGNORE_LIST = ['CVS', '.svn', '.git', '00IGNORE']
verbose = True
# display a functions documentation string
def displayDoc(fd, message):
if None == message:
message = '*empty documentation string*'
wrapper = textwrap.TextWrapper(initial_indent = ' \ ', subsequent_indent = ' | ')
def info(fd, message):
global verbose
if verbose:
fd.write('INFO:%s\n' % message)
def request_action(fd, message):
global verbose
if verbose:
fd.write('ACTION:%s\n' % message)
def fail_if(cond, message):
if cond:
raise AssertionError, message
# the main script running application
# this can throw exceptions if compile or setUp fail
# If setUp succeeds the tearDown will be run
def runTests(fd, name, debug, **kwargs):
global verbose
module_name = name
if name.endswith('.py'):
module_name = name[:-3]
elif name.endswith('.pyc'):
module_name = name[:-4]
if verbose:
fd.write('TEST: Load Module: %s\n' % module_name)
global_variables = {
'module_name': module_name,
'debug': debug,
'info': lambda message : info(fd, message),
'request_action': lambda message : request_action(fd, message),
'fail_unless': lambda cond, message : fail_if(not cond, message),
'fail_if': lambda cond, message : fail_if(cond, message),
'global_args': kwargs,
eval('0', global_variables) # populate global_variables
execfile(name, global_variables)
s = filter(lambda name: name.startswith('test'), global_variables.iterkeys())
if verbose:
fd.write('TEST: %s.setUp\n' % module_name)
displayDoc(fd, inspect.getdoc(global_variables['setUp']))
eval('setUp()', global_variables)
for f in s:
if verbose:
fd.write('TEST: %s.%s\n' % (module_name, f))
displayDoc(fd, inspect.getdoc(global_variables[f]))
eval(f + '()', global_variables)
fd.write('PASS: %s.%s\n' % (module_name, f))
if verbose:
fd.write('PASS: all tests completed\n')
except AssertionError, e:
fd.write('FAIL: %s\n' % e)
if verbose:
fd.write('TEST: %s.tearDown\n' % module_name)
displayDoc(fd, inspect.getdoc(global_variables['tearDown']))
eval('tearDown()', global_variables)
# run one test script catching errors
def runOneTest(fd, name, debug, **kwargs):
if verbose:
fd.write('FILE: %s\n' % name)
runTests(fd, name, debug, **kwargs)
except SyntaxError, s:
fd.write('FAIL: Test module compile failed: %s\n' % s)
except Exception, e:
fd.write('FAIL: Test module run failed: %s\n' % e)
# process a directory tree
def processTree(fd, top_dir, debug):
for root, dirs, files in os.walk(top_dir):
if verbose:
fd.write('Directory: %s\n' % root)
if r in dirs:
tests = filter(lambda f: f.startswith('test') and f.endswith('.py'), files)
for t in tests:
runOneTest(fd, os.path.join(root, t), debug)
# display error and usage message; then exit
def usage(message):
if message != None:
print 'error:', message
print 'usage:', sys.argv[0], '<options> <directories>'
print ' --help = this message'
print ' --debug=n = set global debug=level for test scripts'
print ' --verbose = set verbose for framework'
# main program to scan files and directories for test*.py files
# run scripts in the following order:
# 1. items from the command line in the order given
# individual files are run as encountered.
# 2. Direcorries are handled as follows:
# a. First all files of the form test*.py are run in sorted order.
# b. Finally subdirectories are scanned in sorted order
# and each directory is treated as 2.
def main():
global verbose
opts, args = getopt.gnu_getopt(sys.argv[1:], 'hd:v', ['help', 'debug=', 'verbose'])
except getopt.GetoptError, err:
debug = 0
verbose = False
for o, a in opts:
if o in ('-v', '--verbose'):
verbose = True
elif o in ('-h', '--help'):
elif o in ('-d', '--debug'):
debug = int(a)
except ValueError, e:
debug = 1
usage('invalid option: ' + o)
if args == []:
usage('missing arguments')
# list of Python test files in sorted order
for arg in args:
if os.path.isdir(arg):
processTree(sys.stdout, arg, debug)
#runOneTest(sys.stdout, arg, debug)
runOneTest(sys.stdout, arg, debug)
# execute the main program if run as a script
if __name__ == '__main__':