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Quick start instructions
This is only rough at the moment, need to expand it somewhat
make help gives a list of targets and some are explaind below
1) Set up a 32 bit Linux system
or use schroot as described in doc/Using-schroot.text
(this file also lists packages to install)
2) make sure samo-lib/include/config.h is setup
copy from samo-lib/include/config.h-default
The make files will do the copy, but the
BOARD_SAMO_V1 must be uncommented by manual editing
3) if 32 bit then just make
if 64 bit the run make in the 32 bit chroot as set up in (1)
4) to build the database
(this should work in 32 or 64 bit as it mostly used Python2.6)
make DESTDIR=image WORKDIR=work XML_FILES=xml-file-samples/japanese_architects.xml index parse render combine
make DESTDIR=image install
5) format a microSD card as FAT32 and copy the contents on image to it
e.g. mkfs.vfat -F 32 -n wikird /dev/sd<id-and-partition>
mount /dev/sd<id-and-partition> /mnt
cp image/* /mnt/
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