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[offline-renderer] Convert Japanese long vowel to '-'

Signed-off-by: Christopher Hall <>
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1 parent 748346c commit 1bf72589bbcd016f1d2b1ad9b76e70a21b507f97 @hxw hxw committed Apr 2, 2010
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  1. +2 −0 host-tools/offline-renderer/
2 host-tools/offline-renderer/
@@ -754,6 +754,8 @@ class Furigana(LanguageProcessor):
u'': 'nn',
+ u'': '-',
u'ウァ': 'wha', u'ウィ': 'whi', u'ウェ': 'whe', u'ウォ': 'who',
u'ヴァ': 'va', u'ヴィ': 'vi', u'': 'vu', u'ヴェ': 've', u'ヴォ': 'vo',
u'チャ': 'cya', u'チィ': 'cyi', u'チュ': 'cyu', u'チェ': 'cye', u'チョ': 'cyo',

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