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+# Messages for Bikol Central (Bikol Central)
+# Exported from
+# Author: Geopoet
+books:wiki_name=Mga Libro
+guten:wiki_name=Proyekto na Gutenberb
+pedia:wiki_name=Wikipidyang Ingles
+quote:wiki_name=Mga Panambit
+set_filter=Habang BUKAS an saraan, sarong sikretong panlaog an hinahagad kunsoarin na an mga pinagpapangalad na mga entrada an babasahon.
+parental_controls=Mga Pankamagurangang Kontrol
@@ -0,0 +1,12 @@
+# Messages for Kabyle (Taqbaylit)
+# Exported from
+# Author: Amazigh84
+pedia:wiki_name=Wikipidya s teqbaylit
+license_text=Aḍris yella ddaw turagt Creative Commons Attribution / Tzemrem ad tqedcem yis akken iwen teǧǧa turagt, walit: Aḍris n [CC-BY-SA] d [tiwtilin useqdec] i tmerna n wawalen i tzemrem ad tarnum. Amagrad unṣib yella deg tansiwt :<title>

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