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is wikitable support on the roadmap? eg. none of the Products section of is visible, as it's all in a wikitable.


wikireader commented Jan 5, 2010

The roadmap at the moment has templates, math, multiple languages to finish before
we will look at tables.

The problem with tables is figuring out how to display them on a small screen.

I have one idea, it is not the best, but i think that could fit into the concept.
if there is a table in the page there should be a link to the table that is linked to the content of the table.

The tables should be scrollable in all direction.

koocotte commented Apr 2, 2012

Is there any roadmap left? Can we help in any way?


wikireader commented Apr 4, 2012

We've finished all the base functionality we originally planned. We've love
to see somebody find a way to properly display tables. Interested?


On Monday, April 2, 2012, koocotte wrote:

Is there any roadmap left? Can we help in any way?

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Do you means coding? I'm not really a C coder, but I can try...


wikireader commented Apr 13, 2012

The program that runs on the WikiReader is in C
and the program that generates the data files is in Python
but it is the UI design that is the initial problem

e.g. some pages with tables:
and this page has some column spans

The present C program only uses vertical scrolling, and the datafile
it is displaying is formatted to the width of the display, For the maths display
we rotated long equations to make use of the vertical scrolling.
We originally avoided horizontal scrolling as no one seem to like it,
but maybe smart phones have changes that, the new Win8 start menu
is scrolled horizontally. If you can come up with a good table display method
and a way to navigate around it that would be really great.
How about trying to prototype the screens graphically with some PC drawing program.

regards, chris

I read your answer too fast when you reply and missed the last sentence, sorry.

What do you means by making a bitmap?

I think, the best way to include a table which is too large to fit in the horizontal size is to display it on a separate page with a link to it. On this new page, we can scroll in both direction without destroying the initial article layout. We also need one or more 'back' button; at a fixed position, or at the beginning and end of the "table" page.

IMHO it is a nice idea.

niutech commented Nov 10, 2012

Isn't it much easier to present tables in a "record mode", where columns become rows? E.g:

  • Language: Mandarin
  • Native speakers (in millions): 935 (955)
  • % of world population: 14.1%
  • ...
    • Language: Spanish
    • Native speakers (in millions): 387 (407)
    • % of world population: 5.85%
    • ...

I decided to implement niutech's idea. The good news that on well-formed tables, it seems to produce rather decent output. The bad news is that a lot of tables are formatted heavily on appearance and don't use table headers properly. In any case, I've tested this code out on a couple wikias with much success. However, I apparently don't have the RAM (only 6GB) to process enpedia, so I don't know how well it works there. In any case, here's a patch to article_renderer_table_to_records.patch

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