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how to make data of e-book #20

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I dump wikibooks xml data and make data for wikireader.
but in searching phrase, all data looked.
when searching enguten data, only book title was looked.



The present index files are only generated from the article title.
So only the title and any redirects will show up on the search screen.
Does that answer your question?


Thank you for the answer.
Then, is the index files to be made for all articles?
In enguten, for example "heidi", Book is divided some files. heidi,heid-0,and heid-1,etc. , and there seems to be only an index of heidi.
What can I do how to make such index files?


For the Wikipedia files there are two kinds of items:
1. an article - the title is used as the index entry
and the text is assigned an article number
2. a redirect the text is like: #REDIRECT[[another article]]
the title is used as the index entry and associated with the
article number of "another article"

The Gutenberg files were produced by Tom Bachmann
as mentioned in

Perhaps you can look at his script:
to see ho he generated the enguten index


Thank you very much for the answer.
I search these things , but I can find it.


I forgot to mention:
which will display a readable version of an index file


Thank you.
I will look it.

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