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WikiReader software development and testing #29

cvwillegen opened this Issue · 4 comments

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I would, perhaps, help tremendously if other people could easily help developing and testing WikiReader software.

Could you put together a Virtual Machine that:

  • Boots into a Linux variant
  • Has shell scripts to get the source from whereever it is stored
  • Has shell scripts to easily build the sources into executables
  • Has an emulator so that the executables (and articles) can be tested
  • Make it possible to install (some) custom tools (like editors...)

That way, interested developers don't have to setup lots of stuff on their own computers, and can help developing, debugging and testing easily.


Is there any possibility to make a virtual box image please? I would like to add the following feature.

See issue: #30
Is it possible to merge Tim's hack or something similar to move to next page with tap actions.

Many thanks for this feature


I have just made a XEN image of Ubuntu server 12.10-i386 (32 bit)
it is 8GB and bzip2 file is 1.1GB

Would this be of any use?

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