Request: Tap actions for page up down history from Tim's #30

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Dear Devs,

Is it possible to merge Tim's hack or something similar to move to next page with tap actions.

Many thanks for this feature

Could I second this request please. Candidly the "sweep" gesture to page down is so variable in its resulting action (sometimes a paragraph, sometimes 2 pages, sometimes OK) that it takes a considerable part from the ease of use of the Wikireader for me at least.
Reading a long article goes from the joy of discovery to "where in the heck was I in this article before that sweep".
A desperately need "fix" to sharply improve the ptoduct IMHO.
An icon(s) to tap or whatever feature that you are able to add to the Reader to facilitate fixed navigation would mean it comes out of my drawer/bag far more often.

I could volunteer if you can post an virtual machine of the build env. I tried compiling several times and fail :-)

Thanks for replying biophysics. I'm sorry but I have no idea what a "virtual machine of the build env." is. I have no programming knowledge at all.

Hello LorenzodeMagnifico
my comment was for the devs.

Righto, thanks.

On Tue, Jan 22, 2013 at 3:14 AM, biophysics notifications@github.comwrote:

Hello LorenzodeMagnifico
my comment was for the devs.

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if anyone is listening!
I made a patch to tap bottom/top for page up or down. See file:



Certainly listening thanks!!

Away from my reader at the moment so will be a couple of days till I give
this a try I think but am keen ro see if it works. Here's hoping.

On Thu, Jan 31, 2013 at 1:58 AM, biophysics notifications@github.comwrote:

if anyone is listening!
I made a patch to tap bottom/top for page up or down. See file:



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There is one issue. Since the top and bottom 15 pixels are considered as tap to scroll a page, if there are any "links to other article in the top/bottom 15 pixels" - then it goes to the selected article instead of scrolling page. I am trying to see if it could be made better.
If you try to code more once you can tell me your comments - then I will rework next week.

Went to try the new code tonight at last....and feel a bit inexperienced as I don't know how to install it. I assummed there was a file "wikilib.c" on the SD card that I'd need to add the new text to, but no. I then Googled to "install .c file" but couldn't find anything there either that I could work I need an installer file was the nearest clue??

Wiki ver VERSION: 20120620 manually expanded to the largest possible data storage on a 16GB card

Hi LorenzodeMagnifico
Just download
Unzip it so that all these files are copied into the microSD card. It will overwrite the files.

Search for an article. As long as you are in article read mode:
the button RANDOM is mapped to pagedown
Button HISTORY is mapped to pageup

If you need to use random, or history then go to SEARCH mode - then press random or history for NORMAL behavoir
Have fun and let me know.

Just an aside - tried "save as" on the link sent, would only download a corrupted zip of some 37K bytes. Could see no way of d/loading the individual zip from the repository and in the end saw the zip and download everything link. Did that and success at last! A big download but it was worth it for the little gem inside.

Had a good play this afternoon and IMHO the addition makes the Reader far more user friendly. Now I can follow a long article without having to pay so much attention to "where was I before that sweep sent me x pages away" that was affecting my comprehension of the article itself.

I did find the occasional one page down press actually resulted in going two pages down but the page up function worked perfectly. I'm not sure if this may be a function of using a 16GB card. When I switched to the 16GB card I found that paging and the success of link taps both became more erratic than on the 4GB original card.

In short, love the amendments. A BIG thankyou for the coding involved. I'd recommend this alteration be made a permanent part of the Wiki Reader code on my use so far.

Glad that it works for you. I also tried and love it. The main reason I made it was sweep issue. I wonder why openmoko did not make this as a standard feature when they made the wikireader. Anyways I would not have worked on this if it were not for encouragement from you also.

Thanks for trying it out.

Just a note to myself. May be using raw=true at the end of the URL downloads the file OK.

Confirmation that the amendment to the link does indeed do the trick, downloaded and extracted just fine now at my end.
Like you I am also puzzled as to why, when it's clear that the sweep can be problematic, a pageup/down wasn't coded in.
Forgot to mention that I also like the buttons being used instead of an on screen icon(s). When I thought about it there really isn't much space on the screen to start with so an off screen solution was excellent.

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