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I am having problems with the 20120424 base files. I have tried updating my wikireader to the newest ones but the wikireader will turn on and sit on the load screen for a while and then just shut off. Anyone know what may be happening? I have tried downloading a new copy of every thing to make sure that nothing was missing, but to no avail. Any help would be great thanks.


So far no real explanation, I have not been able to recreate this. Others have been able to get some cards working by reformatting with 64K allocation, in some cases even this failed, and only switching too another brand helped.

I tried 4K, 32K and 64K allocation on a 16GB Team card and all seem OK.

Otherwise I am still looking into this.


Thanks for the info. I am attempting to play around with the setting on my SD card but so far no luck.


So a little update, I can not get it to work with a Kingston 16GB class 4, but the 8 GB Dane-Elec micro SDHC class 4 works perfectly, I think I am going to try and switch up to the 16 GB and see if that works as well.


The modified kernel worked perfectly on the Kingston 16GB. Thank you so much!

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