Can't make iprc #34

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wikireader commented Jan 23, 2013

seems to be this:
PHP Fatal error: Call-time pass-by-reference has been removed in /home/pierre/Bureau/wikireader/host-tools/offline-renderer/mediawiki-offline/wr_parser_sa.php on line 70

which is this: echo wfParseTextAndWrapWOC(&$body);

must be the & thats giving the error

Seems to work without it in my test, so I checked it a change.
Woull you pull again and see if it works


wikireader commented Jan 24, 2013

Looks like mecab is broken, the API has changed or needs some different configuration

Temporarily add code to make this a warning and drop the offending text.
Likely all Japanese text in the data file will be omitted
Will try to fix properly later.

Rudloff commented Jan 24, 2013

It works, thanks ! (But I indeed have warnings on Japanese text.)


wikireader commented Jan 24, 2013

To answer my own question, the seemingly minor change from mecab 0.98 to mecab 0.99
looks lik a complete API rewrite :( dpkg-query -l shows this to be changed from libmecab1 to libmecab2

A little Google give this:

which shows the same error.

there is an attaced file on the above bug report which appears to be the new form
of decoder loop using the new API calls looks like host-tools/offline-renderer/
need to be rewritten to follow:

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