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snapshot-2009-12-28: Snapshot latest working version

@hxw hxw tagged this Dec 28, 2009 · 702 commits to master since this tag

  Update of the php code to: MediaWiki 1.14
  Many stability and parsing fixes to the Python code
  Addition of template parsing code
  Turn on math formulae parsing using LaTeX and dvipng
  Restart php if it crashes to get all failed articles in one pass

  Simple bitmap image processing to display math formulae
  90 degree rotation of formulae that are too wide
  Other fixes for stability and for simulator

  Fix wiki-app for 64 bit operation
  Better thread synchronisation to prevent SEGV in non-reentrant qt libs

  Detect required packages and stop if not present
  Print apt-get message for missing required packages

  Toolchain fixes for 64 bit Linux
  Font generation fixes for 64 bit Linux
  Some fixes for using FreeBSD as host OS


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