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WikiReader Development Note

Package list

  • Python 2.7.3
  • wxPython ( on OSX, on Windows)
  • py2app 0.6.4 (for OSX)
  • wmi
  • py2win
  • simplejson

Check packages version

$ python --version
Python 2.7.3

$ python
>>> import wx
>>> import wx.__version__


Use Pyinstaller to generate exe file on Windows.

Pyinstaller - pack applcation to exe

python -F -w --icon=icon.ico "WikiReader"
python .\WikiReader Update\WikiReader Update.spec

Important: Add 7za path to spec.

a.datas += [('7za.exe', 'C:\\wikireaderPlus\\tools\\7za.exe', 'DATA')]


py2app - Create standalone Mac OS X applications with Python

pip install py2app

run to simple deploy the app.

OSX : Code Sign for Mountain Lion

Enable/Disable Gatekeeper

sudo spctl --master-disable

Download Mac Developer code sign then install to keychain

codesign -f -s "Developer ID Application" dist/
# check
spctl -a -v dist/

Sign for Gatekeeper


Mac Developer - Distributing Outside the Mac App Store

Mac Developer - Code Signing Tasks

Developer ID Gotcha

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