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Building Data Files

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Building a simple test file

Use the following command to build a test file:

make WORKDIR=work DESTDIR=image \
XML_FILES=‘XML-Licenses/en/license.xml XML-Licenses/en/terms.xml xml-file-samples/japanese_architects.xml’ \
createdirs cleandirs iprc

to add fonts and other files to make complete image:

  make DESTDIR=image fonts-install

to test in simulator:

  make DESTDIR=image sim4

Building using multi-core using Run script

Example with Welsh Wikipedia:

  ln -s /path/to/cywiki-20100613-pages-articles.xml cywiki-pages-articles.xml
./script/Run —machines=1 —parallel=4 —farm=1 cy
make WORKDIR=work DESTDIR=image combine install

This is assuming one machine with 4 cores.

When using more than one machine it is necessary to copy all the separate word and image directories
to one on the machines and then do the combine/install steps to build a complete image.

See also: script/Copy and scripts/progress

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