Manual Extraction with7 Zip

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The Problem

The Update program sucessfully downloaded the packages I selected, but hang at detecting the micro SD Card.

This seems to happen with some versions of Windows XP, and perhaps some built-in card readers. So far I have not been able to replicate this.

However it is possible to extract the already downloaded files with 7-Zip to an SD card. The process is not very complex and just consists of a few steps.

Obtain 7-Zip

First download and install the 7-Zip program from:

Extract the base files

This assumes the card is blank. otherwise select overwrite files during the 7-zip extraction.

The downloaded files are in: C:\wikireader\download only the base packages end in .7z all the others end in .7z.00N (where N is a number)

Use the 7-zip program to first select the to most recent base base-20121207.7z package then use the extract to extract this directly to the card. Once complete there will be many files in the root of the micro SD card; no folders should have been generated at this stage.

Extract downloaded packages

Each wiki consists of a set of files numbered with a three digit file extension. This files are just a multi-part 7-Zip archive.

For 7-zip to extract them all parts must be present in the download folder.

Only select the .001 file of a set of packages and extract it to the micro SD card, you will now have a folder of the same prefix name.

e.g. extracting enpedia-20121001.7z.001 will result in an enpedia folder in the card.

( the .002 through .005 files must be all present, but do not extract those since the 7-zip program will recognise that the .001 is part of a set, and automatically extract the others )

The card will be usable now, however if you have more packages downloaded you could extract the .001 files from each of these.

Screen captures