Re flash rom

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Re-flash the Boot ROM from Micro SD Card

Some earlier WikiReaders did not have the contrast function available by holding search and random keys at power on; How can their ROMs be updated?

WARNING this can render the WikiReader un-bootable and unusable

WARNING this can render the WikiReader un-bootable and unusable

  • There is a program in the source code repository that can update the internal ROM, but this can be a risky operation and recovery will require a connection to the debug port to recover. Do NOT try this update without good reason or access to the debug port
  • There is a compiled version of this "Update Boot ROM program": that contains two files: kernel.elf and flash.rom which when copied to an empty SD Card will re-flash the Boot ROM immediately the WikiReader is powered on.
  • WARNING make sure the batteries are good, preferably new
  • Insert this card, replace batteries and power on, a graphic of SD Card and ROM chip will be displayed. Do NOT power off until the OK check appears. Completion is shown by the letters OK being displayed at the top left along with a tick symbol.
  • When the OK check appears; power off, remove the batteries and eject the card.
  • Test by powering up with no card present to see that the Contrast prompt appears under the logo there is 5 second delay before the word Contrast is displayed at the bottom left of the screen.
  • Re-install the normal wiki card and check that it boots normally.
  • Access the contrast by power off, then hold the search and random keys and power on.
  • Press search to lighten, random to darken and history to save (the word Set is underlined if the contrast is changed and not yet saved).
  • To prevent accidental reuse of this card it is best to erase the kernel.elf and flash.rom file from it.