Structure of SD Card

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Single language version

All files are in the root directory of the SD card in FAT32 format.

(See also: Hardware Specifications#wiki-MicroSD)

Multiple Language Version

  • Programs are in the root (*.elf, *.app)
  • Forth related items (*.4th *.4mu forth.ini) are in the root
  • Fonts (*.bmf) are in the root
  • XXpedia subdirectories contain the data (wiki*.*) (XX = en, es, de, fr ... see wiki-app/wiki_info.c)
  • XXpedia/wiki.nls is the language specific messages file (plain text "key=message")
  • XXpedia/ contains the date of the original wiki XML dump

Configuration Files for WIKI.APP

  • wiki.hst - saved history - automatically created if file does not exist
  • wiki.ico - ICON used if the is configured to show a menu
  • wiki.inf - Keyboard and language configuration file
  • wiki.ini - The currently selected language - automatically created if file does not exist
  • wiki.pas - password file, if this file does not exist or was deleted then the password setup screen will be displayed next time a password is requested
  • wiki.tem - Celsius/Fahrenheit/Off setting for temperature display - requires TEMPERATURE_DISPLAY=YES when compiling (examine Makefile for details)