Update SD Card from Compressed Images

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Multiple Language Version

Obtain the index and base files

  • curl http://wrmlbeta.s3.amazonaws.com/packages.xml
  • look for the line <compatibility select="single"> this lists all the base files
  • look for the highest volume number e.g. <volume id="2">
  • in the archives section look for the file e.g. <file id="1" size="1667930" md5="3eeab3002a11059a16de2ddd3e05c439">base-20110526.7z?torrent</file>
  • the torrent file in this case will be: http://wrmlbeta.s3.amazonaws.com/base-20110526.7z?torrent
  • use your bittorrent client (e.g. transmission, ktorrent) to download this URL
  • verify that: md5sum base-20110526.7z' is the same as the md5=... from the<file ...` found from the index.

Obtain the languages you wish to install

  • from the already downloaded index find the line: <documents select="multiple">
  • look at the <volume id="..."> sections and determine which files you need
  • use your bittorrent client to download each file
  • there should now be a set of files e.g. bas + danish + german
$ ls -1s download
   1636 base-20110526.7z
 144108 dapedia-20110130.7z.001
1049604 depedia-20110131.7z.001
 802172 depedia-20110131.7z.002

extract the files

$ mkdir extract
$ cd extract
$ 7z x ../download/base-20110526.7z
...extracts files
$ 7z x ../download/dapedia-20110130.7z.001
...extracts files
$ 7z x ../download/depedia-20110131.7z.001
...extracts files and continues onto .002
$ ls -l
...many files + two directories dapedia and depedia

Copy to an SD card

  • mount the SD Card some where
  • in KDE on this may be /media/disk
  • copy the files e.g. cp -pr extract/* /media/disk or use a GUI file manager
  • make sure that the files are in the root of the SD Card i.e. there must not be an extract directory there.
  • put the SD Card in the Wikireader and power it on