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A brackets extension to generate JS/PHPDocs for your functions.

Important change!

I would like to use parser to offer better support! At the moment ES6 isn't supported in a good way and everything else are just regular expressions. Sorry I'm still learning :D Unfortunately I didn't find a parser to support PHP yet :/ There are two options now: Just waiting until I find a parser for PHP or use regexes for PHP and a parser for JS. I've several extensions and a lot of other projects and that upgrade will take a lot of time. Therefore it would be great if you can check out the next section ;)

You're rich?

You don't need a second yacht and have some coins to spend? Here I am :)

Flattr this git repo Donate! :3

Current amount: 1.04€

How to Use

  • Open a JS or PHP file
  • set your cursor on a function declaration
    • function cool(stuff)
  • Use the ShortCut Ctrl-Alt-D (Win) or Ctrl-Shift-D (Mac) to start the documentation or /** + Enter

The extension will provide a function documentation:

Natural way: /** + Enter

With shortcut:

[[Description]] will be selected so you can start to type. To jump to the next [[tag]] you can use Tab or jump to the last with Shift-Tab. The indenting updates on a tab jump (live indenting).

You will get hints for the [[Type]] tag.

Type hints

Have fun and stay tuned!


  • It's possible to disable the autoindent functionality in the settings menu.
  • @callback links will be visible as [[Type]] hints.


You can use several JSDoc options to describe your function and you can dblclick on [[...]] to edit the tags.

funcdocr0 8 0


Document your react functions! funcdocr0 7 0


@link tags


Easy way to add @link tags to your docs!


Default values!

Default values


  • It's possible to generate the doc block with /** + Enter. You only need to type /** in the line above the function declaration and use enter to start the documentation.


  • The padding for correct indentation updates on a tab jump


  • It's possible to update a doc block if you add a parameter or delete one (you need to use the shortcut again)


  • You get the tag @returns if the function returns a value
  • The [[Type]] is recognized if possible.


FuncDocr generates JS/PHPDoc annotations for your functions



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