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A scribble library for using pygmentize
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A small Scribble library with support for rendering code using pygmentize. This library hijacks Scribble to add a mixin to the current-render-mixin that pre-processes certain elements using pygmentize to get pretty code typesetting. These elements can be added using the minted and mintinline commands from this library. This mixin supports the LaTeX, PDF, and HTML backends.

I have not thoroughly tested this.


Put the following in meow.scrbl.

#lang scribble/base
@(require scribble/minted)

@title{Ohh pretty}
@minted["coq" #:options '((linenos . true))]{
Inductive Vec {A : Set} : nat -> Set :=
| nil : Vec 0
| cons : forall {n:nat}, A -> Vec n -> Vec (1 + n).

This is a Coq expression @mintinline["coq"]{cons 0 nil}.

Run scribble, with multiple backends.

scribble --pdf meow.scrbl scribble --html meow.scrbl

See pretty code!


raco pkg install scribble-minted

You must have pygmentize installed and in your PATH.

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