A Slack App to receive Status notifications, bounce notifications, and other information from Postmark
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Postmark Slack App


Postmark makes it easy to send time-sensitive application email to your customers. This Slack app works with an active Postmark account, and can currently do the following:

Service status notifications

We will send notifications to your Slack channel whenever we add or update an incident on our status page. Status notifications are turned on by default. To turn them off, type /postmark status off. Alternatively, you can type /postmark status on to turn them back on again.

Here’s what a status notification looks like:

Postmark Slack Status Example

Bounce notifications

Send Bounce notification messages from Postmark to a Slack channel of your choice. The notification also provides a direct link to the Message Details page so that you can investigate further. Like so:

Postmark Slack Bounce Example

/postmark command

We'll continue to add more functionality to the /postmark slash command, but for now here's what you can do:

  • /postmark status --> Get the current app status.
  • /postmark status on --> Receive Postmark status notifications in the current channel.
  • /postmark status off --> Turn off status notifications in the current channel.
  • /postmark docs --> Get a link developer docs URL for easy access.


Installation is really simple.

Step 1

Click the "Add to Slack" button below, and select a channel you would like to post Bounce notifications to. Don't worry, the /postmark command will work in any channel.

Add to Slack

Step 2

Once you authenticate successfully, you will receive a message in Slack with your unique bounce webhook URL. You'll only get this message once, so please save the URL immediately.

If you'd like to see Bounce and or Spam Complaint notifications in your chosen channel you need to add that URL to the Webhook URL field in your Postmark account (Select Server / Settings / Webhooks):

Please note that at this time the Slack App only supports Bounce and Spam Complaint events.

Step 3

Enjoy! Please let us know if you run into issues, and if there are other things you'd like the Postmark App to do.

Notes and limitations

  • You can currently only specify one bounce webhook URL in your Postmark account. We know that means that you may not be able to add the Slack App's URL since you may already have a different webhook URL in use. We'll be working on a solution for this limitation.
  • To stop receiving bounce notifications, simply remove the URL from your Postmark account.