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<cfcomponent name="PostMarkAPI" hint="I send messages using the API">
<cffunction name="sendMail" access="public" returntype="string" description="Assembles JSON packet and sends it to Postmarkapp">
<!--- Recipient and subject are required parameters. Also need their API key. --->
<cfargument name="mailTo" required="yes" type="string" displayname="Recipient of the message" />
<cfargument name="mailFrom" required="yes" type="string" displayname="Sender of the message" />
<cfargument name="mailSubject" required="yes" type="string" displayname="Subject of the message" />
<cfargument name="apiKey" required="yes" type="string" displayname="API key, or server token">
<!--- CC recipients, text body and HTML body are all optional --->
<cfargument name="mailReply" required="no" type="string" displayname="Reply-to Address (if applicable)" />
<cfargument name="mailCc" required="no" type="string" displayname="CC recipients (if applicable)" />
<cfargument name="mailHTML" required="no" type="string" displayname="HTML body of the message" />
<cfargument name="mailTxt" required="no" type="string" displayname="Plain text body of the message" />
<!---Need to escape strings for JSON --->
<cfset var mailto = JSStringFormat(arguments.mailTo) />
<cfset var mailFrom = JSStringFormat(arguments.mailFrom) />
<cfset var mailSubject = JSStringFormat(arguments.mailSubject) />
<cfset var mailCc = '' />
<cfset var mailHTML = '' />
<cfset var mailTxt = '' />
<cfset var mailReply = '' />
<cfif structKeyExists(arguments, "mailCc") AND arguments.mailCc NEQ "">
<cfset mailCc = JSStringFormat(arguments.mailCc) />
<cfif structKeyExists(arguments, "mailHTML") AND arguments.mailHTML NEQ "">
<cfset mailHTML = JSStringFormat(arguments.mailHTML) />
<cfif structKeyExists(arguments, "mailTxt") AND arguments.mailTxt NEQ "">
<cfset mailTxt = JSStringFormat(arguments.mailTxt) />
<cfif structKeyExists(arguments, "mailReply") AND arguments.mailReply NEQ "">
<cfset mailReply = JSStringFormat(arguments.mailReply) />
<!--- Assemble the JSON packet to send to Postmarkapp --->
<cfsavecontent variable="jsonPacket">
<cfprocessingdirective suppressWhiteSpace="yes">
"From" : "#mailFrom#",
"To" : "#mailTo#",
<cfif len(trim(mailCc))>"Cc" : "#mailCc#",</cfif>
"Subject" : "#mailSubject#"
<cfif len(trim(mailHTML))>, "HTMLBody" : "#mailHTML#"</cfif>
<cfif len(trim(mailTxt))>, "TextBody" : "#mailTxt#"</cfif>
<cfif len(trim(mailReply))>, "ReplyTo" : "#mailReply#"</cfif>
<!--- Send the request to Postmarkapp --->
<cfhttp url="" method="post">
<cfhttpparam type="header" name="Accept" value="application/json" />
<cfhttpparam type="header" name="Content-type" value="application/json" />
<cfhttpparam type="header" name="X-Postmark-Server-Token" value="#arguments.apiKey#" />
<cfhttpparam type="body" encoded="no" value="#jsonPacket#" />
<!--- Return the status code --->
<cfreturn cfhttp.statusCode />