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Leave transactional email delivery to the experts

Postmark helps deliver and track transactional emails for web applications. In a nutshell, the service replaces SMTP (or Sendmail) with a far more reliable, scalable and care-free environment. In addition, you can track statistics for number of emails sent, bounces and spam complaints.

The Postmark.NET NuGet package makes it easier to use the Postmark API from your .NET 2, 3.x, and 4.x projects without having to build your own API calls. You can get your free API token at


From NuGet

PM> Install-Package Postmark

Basic Usage

using PostmarkDotNet;

PostmarkMessage message = new PostmarkMessage
    From = "",
    To = "",
    Subject = "Test",
    HtmlBody = "Hello",
    TextBody = "Hello",
    ReplyTo = "",
    Headers = new NameValueCollection {{"CUSTOM-HEADER", "value"}}

// Adding attachments
// See for allowed extensions.
message.AddAttachment(fileName, "Content-Type");

PostmarkClient client = new PostmarkClient(my_server_token);

PostmarkResponse response = client.SendMessage(message);

if(response.Status != PostmarkStatus.Success)
    Console.WriteLine("Response was: " + response.Message);

Additional Usage

Please see the wiki for additional instruction about using the bounce api and additional sending options.

Issues & Comments

Please leave all comments, bugs, requests, and issues on the Issues page. We'll respond to your request ASAP!


The Postmark .NET Library is licensed under the MIT license. Refere to the LICENSE file for more information.

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