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Postmark Java Library

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Postmark allows you to send your application's emails with high delivery rates, including bounce/spam processing and detailed statistics. In addition, Postmark can parse incoming emails which are forwarded back to your application.

The Postmark Java Library makes it easier to use the Postmark API from your Java 8+ projects without having to build your own API calls.


Please see the wiki for detailed instructions about sending email, using the bounce api, and other Postmark API options. For details about Postmark API in general, please check out Postmark developer docs.


Add the dependency to your project:


Note: to retrieve latest version number, visit maven central repository , or check the badge at top of the page which is showing the latest version synced to Maven repository. Maven central repository link might be slightly more acurrate, in case new version was published recently.

Issues & Comments

Feel free to contact us if you encounter any issues with the library or Postmark API. For any known issues and resolutions, please check out the wiki section. Please leave all comments, bugs, requests and issues on the Issues page.


The Postmark Java Library is licensed under the MIT license. Refere to the LICENSE file for more information.