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Postmark Rails Gem

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Postmark allows you to send your emails with high delivery rates. It also includes detailed statistics. In addition, Postmark can parse incoming emails which are forwarded back to your application.

The Postmark Rails Gem is a drop-in plug-in for ActionMailer to send emails via Postmark. The gem has been created for fast implementation and fully supports all of Postmark’s features.


Please see the wiki for detailed instructions about library features. For details about Postmark API in general, please check out Postmark developer docs.


You will need a Postmark account, server and sender signature (or verified domain) set up to use it. For details about setup, check out wiki pages.

Also you will need a postmark gem version 1.0 and higher is required.

Supported Rails Versions

  • Rails 5.0
  • Rails 4.x
  • Rails 3.x

For Rails 2.3 please take a look at version 0.4. It may miss some new features, but receives all required bug fixes and other support if needed.


Add postmark-rails to your Gemfile and run bundle install.

gem 'postmark-rails'

Save your Postmark API token to config/secrets.yml.

postmark_api_token: "xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx"

Set Postmark as your preferred mail delivery method via config/application.rb:

config.action_mailer.delivery_method = :postmark
config.action_mailer.postmark_settings = { :api_token => Rails.application.secrets.postmark_api_token }

Note: The postmark_settings hash can contain any options supported by Postmark::ApiClient.

Additional information

Looking for the advanced usage examples? Check out the documentation for the postmark gem. The postmark-rails gem is built on top of it, so you can benefit from all it's features.

Note on Patches/Pull Requests

See file for details.

Authors & Contributors

  • Artem Chistyakov
  • Petyo Ivanov
  • Ilya Sabanin
  • Hristo Deshev
  • Randy Schmidt
  • Chris Williams
  • Nicolás Sanguinetti
  • Laust Rud Jacobsen (rud)

Issues & Comments

Feel free to contact us if you encounter any issues with the library or Postmark API. Please leave all comments, bugs, requests and issues on the Issues page.


The Postmark Rails gem is licensed under the MIT license. Refer to the LICENSE file for more information.


Copyright © 2018 Wildbit LLC.