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Wildbit-specific config for stylelint
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Wildbit-specific config for stylelint

How to use

In the project you want to use styleling do the following

  1. npm install -D stylelint wildbit/stylelint-config-wildbit
  2. Add following code to your package.json:
"stylelint": {
  "extends": "stylelint-config-wildbit"

Additionally, put "stylelint": "stylelint --syntax scss ./**/*.scss" to the scripts section of package.json. Now you can lint your CSS files with stylelint by running npm run stylelint.

Adding a pre-commit hook

Linting makes more sense when running before committing the code.

To add a pre-commit task:

  1. npm install -D pre-commit lint-staged
  2. Add "stylelint-staged": "stylelint-staged" to scripts section of package.json
  3. Add "pre-commit": [ "stylelint-staged" ] to package.json
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