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Websockets service for Wildcloud
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Wildcloud - Websockets

Service providing websockets to applications deployed in Wildcloud platform


Proof of concept implementation.

The service does not yet implement the interface as described below.

Client interface

  • SockJS


Application authorizes client with secret application id and custom client id. The service returns socket_id, that should be used for identifying that specific client (e.g. session of a user of a web application).

POST /authorize/application_id/client_id

with parameters in it's body, encoded as JSON.


To the callback url, a message published by client to the service, will be forwarded


with content of the message as the request body with other parameters encoded as JSON

{"message": "some message", "session": "session_id", "client": "client_id"}

where session id represent single connection between the client and this service (e.g. one window or tab in a browser).

To publish a message, the application posts a request to the service with socket_id

POST /publish/socket_id

with JSON encoded body containing the message and optional parameters.

{"message": "some message"}

The service then forwards the message to the client (all sessions or just a specific one).

On the client-side the user connects using SockJS to the server and specifies the already authorized socket_id

var socket = new SockJS('');


  • Transports
    • Websockets
    • XHR-Streaming
    • Iframe-EventSource
    • Iframe-Htmlfile
    • XHR-Polling
    • Iframe-XHR-Polling
  • Browsers
    • MacOSX
      • Chromium - OK
      • Firefox - broken on XHR polling
      • Opera - broken
      • Safari - not tested
      • Camino
    • Linux - not tested
      • Chromium
      • Firefox
      • Opera
      • Epiphany
      • Konqueror
    • Windows - not tested
      • Chromium
      • Firefox
      • Opera
      • Safari
      • Internet explorer
    • Solaris - not tested
    • BSDs - not tested
    • Android - not tested
      • Android browser
      • Firefox
      • Opera
    • iOS - not tested
      • Safari
    • WP7 - not tested
      • Internet explorer mobile



Project is licensed under the terms of the Apache 2 License.

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