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browser/engine/os/device detection tool
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Sniffer is a browser/engine/os/device detection tool. Works both in a browser and with Node.

Live demo (tests your browser UA string)

Test suite

You have three options:

1. Default Sniffer build

Get sniffer.js from dist/. Drop the script tag in the <head>:

<script src="path/to/sniffer.js"></script>

It will run automatically, collect the information on current device/os/browser and put the results in window.Sniff object (or expose it via module.exports, if available). See “Detection results” for details. Now you can do horrible things:

if ('android' &&
	Sniff.os.majorVersion &&
	Sniff.os.majorVersion < 3 &&
	! &&
	Sniff.browser.engine=='webkit') {
		//looks like default Android 2.x browser!

It will also add browser name shortcode, browser engine shortcode, OS name shortcode and device features’ shortcodes to <html> tag’s className, so you can alter the styles accordingly (pretty much the Modernizr way):

/* contrast colors for monochrome devices */ body {
	color: black;
	background: white;

/* make sure code snippets are readable in Opera Mini */
html.operamini pre code {
	white-space: pre-wrap;

2. Sniffer module

Get sniffer.module.js from dist/. It exposes Sniffer function into global scope or via module.exports, if available. Compatible with Node. Just feed it a user agent string:


It will return detection result, see “Detection results” for details.

Also available via npm: npm install snifferjs.

3. Pure Sniffer function

Get sniffer.pure.js from dist/. It contains pure Sniffer function (no wrap, no autolaunch, no css classes, no exports), you decide how to use it.

Detection results

Sniffer returns an object which looks like this:

	browser: {
		fullName: String, // full human readable name
		name: String, // shortcode
		version: String, // semantic version, up to three parts (major.minor.patch)
		majorVersion: Number,
		minorVersion: Number,
		patchVersion: Number,
		engine: String // shortcode
	os: {
		fullName: String, // full human readable name
		name: String, // shortcode
		version: String, // semantic version, up to three parts (major.minor.patch)
		versionName: String, // human readable version name, e.g. 'Vista', 'Mavericks', etc.
		versionAltNames: Array, // possible alternatives, e.g. Windows NT 5.2 can be 'XP' or 'Server 2003'
		majorVersion: Number,
		minorVersion: Number,
		patchVersion: Number
	features: {
		bw: Boolean, /* black and white (e-book readers) */
		mobile: Boolean, /* includes phones, tablets, e-book readers, portable game consoles, etc. */
		tv: Boolean, /* smart tv */
		proxy: Boolean /* serverside js & rendering, like in Opera Mini */


Class names/shortcodes in square brackets.


  • Chrome [chrome]
  • Firefox [firefox]
  • IE [ie]
  • Edge [edge]
  • Safari [safari]
  • Opera [opera]
  • Opera Mini [operamini]
  • Opera Coast [coast]
  • Nokia Browser [nokiabrowser] (!= Nokia Xpress) — Symbian Belle phones
  • Ovi Browser a.k.a Nokia Xpress [ovi] — Nokia Asha, Series40 & Series60 phones, etc.
  • Sailfish Browser [sailfishbrowser]


  • WebKit [webkit]
  • Gecko [gecko]
  • Trident [trident]
  • Presto [presto]
  • EdgeHTML [edgehtml]


  • Windows [win]
  • Mac OS X [osx]
  • Ubuntu [ubuntu]
  • Fedora [fedora]
  • Windows Phone [winphone]
  • Android [android]
  • iOS [ios]
  • BlackBerry [blackberry]
  • Sailfish OS [sailfish]
  • Symbian [symbian]
  • Kindle [kindle] (Kindle Fire should be detected as Android)
  • PlayStation [playstation]
  • PlayStation Vita [psvita]
  • Nintendo DSi [dsi]
  • Nintendo 3DS [3ds]
  • New Nintendo 3DS [n3ds]
  • Viera [viera] (Panasonic Viera smart tv)


  • Black and white [bw]
  • Mobile [mobile]
  • TV [tv]
  • Proxy broswer (serverside rendering) [proxy]


MIT license.

Have fun, lads.

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