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STMP (subsonic terminal music player)

A terminal client for *sonic music servers. Inspired by ncmpcpp.


  • browse by folder
  • queue songs and albums
  • volume control


  • libmpv-dev (build)
  • mpv

Go build dependencies

OSX path setup

On OSX if you installed mpv with brew you'll need to set the following paths

export C_INCLUDE_PATH=/opt/homebrew/include:$C_INCLUDE_PATH
export LIBRARY_PATH=/opt/homebrew/lib:$LIBRARY_PATH


stmp should compile normally with go build. Cgo is needed for linking the libmpv header.


stmp looks for a config file called stmp.toml in either $HOME/.config/stmp or the directory in which the executible is placed.

Example configuration

username = 'admin'
password = 'password'
plaintext = true  # Use 'legacy' unsalted password auth. (default: false)

host = 'https://your-subsonic-host.tld'
scrobble = true   # Use Subsonic scrobbling for (default: false)


  • 1 - folder view
  • 2 - queue view
  • 3 - playlist view
  • 4 - log (errors, etc) view
  • enter - play song (clears current queue)
  • d/delete - remove currently selected song from the queue
  • D - remove all songs from queue
  • a - add album or song to queue
  • p - play/pause
  • -/= volume down/volume up
  • / - Search artists
  • n - Continue search forward
  • N - Continue search backwards
  • r - refresh the list (if in artist directory, only refreshes that artist)
  • s - add 50 random songs to the queue
  • y - toggle star on song