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Kubernetes Django Starter

Example Kubernetes manifests to create a Django project. For a walkthrough on how to get this up and running on Google Container Engine (GKE) please see

This is created to work with our Django starter project at so projects based on that should work out of the box, otherwise there are a few environment variables and secrets to configure as described below. It's presumed that the Django container runs on port 8000.


Presuming you have kubectl configured and pointing at a Kubernetes cluster you can create the objects using:

kubectl create -f k8s/


Some sensitive values are stored in secrets and passed to the containers as environment variables.

Secrets are defined in the secrets.yaml manifest and encoded using base64.

To encode a secret:

echo "mysecretvalue" | base64 -w 0

To decode:

echo "bXlzZWNyZXR2YWx1ZQo=" | base64 --decode
Secret Environment Variable Passed To Default Value
credentials/postgres-user POSTGRES_USER django, postgres django-example
credentials/postgres-password POSTGRES_PASSWORD django, postgres password
credentials/gcs-key GCS_KEY django TODO