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Docker cloud provider


Sample configuration for Linux systems using systemd

Run following commands on a machine where is the Docker Engine installed. It enables remote access (plain TCP - only for loopback address on standard port 2375 and it also allows to pull Docker images from all insecure registries.

# switch to root account
sudo su -

# create override for docker start-script
mkdir /etc/systemd/system/docker.service.d
cat << EOT > /etc/systemd/system/docker.service.d/allow-tcp.conf
ExecStart=/usr/bin/docker daemon -H fd:// -H tcp:// --insecure-registry

# reload configuration and restart docker daemon
systemctl daemon-reload
systemctl restart docker

# use Ctrl-D to close the 'root' session

If the -H fd:// Docker daemon parameter doesn't work on your OS, then try to replace it by -H unix:///var/run/docker.sock

Find more details in Control and configure Docker with systemd guide.


Suppose the is the host, where you've configured docker daemon with enabled remote access (using plain TCP).

The following set of properties will get you started:



TLS protected daemon

If the endpoint, you are connecting to, is protected by TLS then use the docker.tls.* properties to configure paths to your SSL/TLS key and certificates (in PEM format).




Docker cloud provider is based on JClouds-Labs docker implementation.



List of Docker CloudProvider properties:

Property name Description Default value
nodegroup Name of the node group for all nodes in this cloud provider. Should provide information about who started the nodes and shouldn't be prone to collisions. Default value should typically be satisfactory. Based on current runtime environment.
leaveNodesRunning Whether all the started containers should be left running. false
docker.endpoint Docker REST API url (e.g. [None. Mandatory.]
docker.apiVersion API version (to be used in REST calls URLs) 1.21
docker.tls.cert path to users X509 certificate file (docker engine: --tlscert) [None. Optional.]
docker.tls.key path to users private key file (docker engine: --tlskey) [None. Optional.] path to CA certificate file (docker engine: --tlscacert) [None. Optional.]


Important notes:

  • Unlike docker run default network mode, the Docker nodes are started with NetworkMode=host by default. It means the network stack is shared with the physical host!
  • The copyFileToNode(...) method is only supported through SFTP, so the SSH server (with SFTP) has to be running in the Docker node and its configuration has to be provided in node.[name].ssh.* properties.

List of Docker Node properties:

Property name Description Default value
nodegroup Name of the node group for this node. Default value should typically be satisfactory. The nodegroup value from the cloud provider.
docker.image Image name from which the node is started
docker.bootScript Allows you to specify a script that is to be run on boot. The script is run with sudo. [None. Optional.]
docker.bootScript.file As docker.bootScript, but allows you to specify a path to a file that contains the script. Only one of docker.bootScript and docker.bootScript.file can be specified at a time. [None. Optional.]
docker.networkMode NetworkMode used host
docker.capAdd Comma separated list of Linux capabilities to be added.
docker.cmd Docker command
docker.entrypoint Docker entrypoint
docker.env Environment variables in form KEY=VALUE separated by value defined in docker.env.splitter
docker.env.splitter Separator RegEx for docker.env values ,
docker.inboundPorts which ports should be open
docker.portBindings Comma separated list of TCP port bindings in form "hostPort:nodePort"
docker.privileged true/false flag which controls if the container is privileged false
docker.ssh.port SSH port number if SSH is installed (not-mapped - i.e. in-container value)
docker.ssh.user SSH username
docker.ssh.password SSH user password
docker.ssh.privateKey PEM encoded PKCS#8 private key which should be used to connect to the instance. [None. Optional. One of docker.ssh.password, docker.ssh.privateKey or docker.ssh.privateKeyFile should be set.]
docker.ssh.privateKeyFile The path to the private key file which should be used to connect to the instance. If special value default is used, then private key is loaded from ~/.ssh/id_rsa. This property is only used when the docker.ssh.privateKey property is empty. [None. Optional. One of docker.ssh.password, docker.ssh.privateKey or docker.ssh.privateKeyFile should be set.]
docker.volumeBindings Comma separated list of volume bindings in form /hostDir:/containerDir
docker.cpuShares CPU shares (relative weight)
docker.memoryInMb Memory limit in megabytes