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WildFly-Camel 5.0.0 provides Camel-2.20.1 integration with WildFly-11.0.0

This is a major upgrade release for supported components, dataformats and languages, which now reaches feature parity with other runtimes. i.e. all available dataformats and languages are now also supported on WildFly.

Additional components in the supported set are:

Additional data formats in the supported set are:

  • asn1
  • fastjson
  • thrift

Component upgrades include

  • WildFly-11.0.0
  • Camel-2.20.1
  • Hawtio-1.5.5

In addition to that, we also resolved a number of other tasks and bugs.

For details please see the 5.0.0 Milestone.