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Vagrant enables the rapid and repeatable creation of virtual machines.

Use Vagrant if you want to run booker in a pre-canned virtual machine. This is useful to quickly get demos up and running.

This requires that you download Vagrant (see https://www.vagrantup.com) and Virtualbox (see https://www.virtualbox.org/).

After both are installed, simply change to the booker vagrant sub-directory and run 'vagrant up'. The installation and setup will take a while since it is downloading roughly 2.5-3GB of bits (including the Fedora OS, booker code, maven artifacts, etc).


LOL! What security?? To prove that point, here are the login credentials:

###Root login user: root
password: root

###Demo login: user: demo
password: demo

Changing the demo and root passwords will not have a negative impact on the demo (unless you forget the password).

Running the demo

  • After 'vagrant up' is done running, log in as demo (password demo)
  • Open a terminal within the virtual machine and type 'run_all.sh'
  • Open Firefox (or Chrome) within the virtual machine and go to http://localhost:8080.

Speeding up the vagrant build

WildFly Swarm is so rockin' cool, we know that you really want to improve this demo and post pull requests. If you want to make modifications to the image in an iterative fashion (during development), then it helps to use local bits instead of the setup script downloading them for each iteration. To do this, after you clone booker (and before you run 'vagrant up'), download the following bits into the project's vagrant/provisioning/downloads directory and the setup script will copy the archives instead of downloading them:

JBoss Developer Studio

If you download jboss-devstudio-8.1.0.GA-installer-standalone.jar (see http://www.jboss.org/products/devstudio/download/) into the vagrant/provisioning/downloads directory, then the setup script will also install JBoss Developer Studio. It will not be automatically downloaded. Alternatively, once Vagrant has created the virtual machine, you can log in and install it.