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JAX-WS .war Example

This example takes a normal JAX-WS build, and wraps it into a -swarm runnable jar.

It is originally from wildfly-quickstart helloworld-ws.

Please raise any issues found with this example in our JIRA:

Project pom.xml

This project is a traditional JAX-WS project, with maven packaging of war in the pom.xml


The project adds a <plugin> to configure wildfly-swarm-plugin to create the runnable .jar.


To define the needed parts of WildFly Swarm, a dependency is added


This dependency provides the JAX-WS APIs to your application, so the project does not need to specify those.


  • mvn package && java -jar ./target/example-jaxws-swarm.jar
  • mvn wildfly-swarm:run
  • From your IDE, run class org.wildfly.swarm.Swarm


Since WildFly Swarm apps tend to support one deployment per executable, it automatically adds a jboss-web.xml to the deployment if it doesn't already exist. This is used to bind the deployment to the root of the web-server, instead of using the .war's own name as the application context.


The above resource displays the wsdl link.