Management Console

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Project pom.xml

The project is a normal maven project with jar packaging, not war.


The project adds a <plugin> to configure wildfly-swarm-plugin to create the runnable .jar.


To define the needed parts of WildFly Swarm, some dependencies are added


Project main()

This project supplies a main() in order to configure the management console and deploy all the pieces of the application.

After the container is instantiated, the management-fraction is configured with a management user bob and password tacos! and enabled on port 9090.

Then as this project depends on the management-console fraction, the fraction is configured and installed, enabling a new /console context root.

The container is started.

mvn package

Then start the server

java -jar target/example-management-console-swarm.jar


Open the following URL and you should see the management console UI.


Adding management hosts

Click on the Add button and enter the following information:

Name: Localhost
Scheme: http
Port: 9090

Press the Ping button and present the following authentication info:

User: bob 
Password: tacos!

If it's correctly configured it should present a message saying The management interface is running.

Click Add and then Connect. You should see the management console UI.